SteelPoint Machine Tool Adds DNE Handheld Laser to Value-Focused Product Line-Up

SteelPoint Machine Tool is bringing another quality, value-focused DNE product to fabricators in United States and Canada. Like the D-SOAR and C-Bend, the DNE Handheld Fiber Laser Welder is a reliable, easy-to-use option for metal fabricators who struggle to find skilled welders and need to increase cycle times. 

The DNE Handheld Welder is versatile, fast, and lightweight with the torch weighing just over 1.5 pounds. These compact units can be used to deliver quality welds on stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminum, galvanized steel, and copper. The DNE Handheld Welders can achieve speeds up to four times faster than conventional welding systems while producing welds with high weld strength and reduced porosity. The result is clean, consistent weld beads that require little or no finishing.

Unlike traditional welding systems, operators can be trained to use DNE Handheld Welders in just 1-2 hours.  The unit comes with a 7” LED touchscreen and intuitive, operating system. The DNE Handheld Welder is pre-loaded with 32 sets of process parameters that operators can choose based on their product’s material type and thickness. While these parameters make welding easy, while also allowing for precise user customization. 

In addition to easy-to-use, the compact DNE Handheld Welder units are lightweight, and ergonomic. With an innovative laser optic design, the torch weighs just 1.5 pounds and takes up only 3.5 cubic feet. This makes the unit incredibly portable and easy-to-move. It includes a built-in wobble function with a multi-point interlock system. The latter feature ensures that operators can work safely all day and consistently deliver high-quality welds with minimal training. The optical design and QCS output head of the DNE Handheld Welder are seamlessly integrated, providing high transmission efficiency and heat output. 

The DNE Handheld Laser Welder is safe and complies with all industry standards.  Each unit has multiple safety features built in, such as a fiber cable interlock that ensures the fiber cable is in good working condition and part-contact electrical interlock that ensures beam contact with the part.  In addition, there are dual e-stops and every system comes standard with a safety interlocked welding helmet and laser glasses.   There are also certified laser safety enclosure or barriers offered with each fiber laser welder to ensure safe operation. 

Like the D-SOAR and C-Bend, each DNE Handheld Welder is put through a rigorous testing process to ensure its quality.  The DNE Handheld Welder goes through a 500-hour cycling power test. It must also pass a 12-hour continuous welding test with 99% power stability. With a laser power source lifespan of approximately 100,000 hours, all products meet safety industry standards to guarantee stable and durable beam output.

The DNE Handheld Welder is what fabricators have been asking for. These units can help boost productivity and deliver efficient operations, precise laser control, and stable beam quality, even during labor shortages. 

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