C-BEND Press Brake

Professional CNC Bending Machine

C-Bend Press Brake

C-BEND Press Brake

The DNE C Bend Press Brake was designed for metal fabrication shops focused on precise sheet metal bending. With a C-frame structure designed for rigidity, these metal forming machines are built for long-term bending accuracy. CNC controlled mechanical crowning technology guarantees consistent angle accuracy. The result is precise bending at a favorable price-performance ratio.

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C-frame. Unique design and whole machine rigidity verification, improve the processing range at the same time, guarantee the long-term use of high stability.


CNC controlled mechanical crowning technology guarantee the constantly angle accuracy.


High frequency response hydraulic control technology. Faster, higher efficiency and precision.


Favorable price-performance ratio, quick return on investment.


What is the starting price?



Where is the press brake manufactured?

Shenzhen, China. Sold, serviced & supported in the USA.


What is the maximum tonnage offered?

176 US tons


What is the lead time?

In stock, or 12-16 weeks if ordered from the factory

Your Trusted Partner for Unmatched Value and Excellent Performance

Global Technology

The DNE C-Bend press brake, offered by SteelPoint, represents the epitome of international expertise and innovation, providing cutting-edge solutions for precision bending operations.

Trusted Partner

As a trusted partner, SteelPoint, an On Point Holdings company and sister company to On Point Solutions, brings a wealth of expertise and resources, solidifying our commitment to providing exceptional solutions and support for your business's growth and success.

Local Support

With the backing of OpEx, the C-Bend press brake offers more than just exceptional performance—it also guarantees seamless operations and prompt technical assistance. This partnership ensures that you receive world-class service and support conveniently located right in your backyard.

Unmatched Value

Its innovative design and durable components make the C-Bend press brake a reliable investment, delivering consistent performance while requiring minimal maintenance.

Excellent Performance

The C-Bend guarantees outstanding results for a wide range of applications, consistently delivering high-quality outcomes. Whether it's intricate bends or heavy-duty tasks, the C-Bend press brake's unmatched performance ensures precision and reliability with every operation.