D-Tube Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

High cutting quality, precision, speed and efficiency

D-SOAR Fiber laser

D-Tube Fiber Laser

DNE Member of Bystronic fiber laser tube cutting machine is a product developed for the section bar and tube cutting market. It adopts the latest independent research and development bus type CNC laser tube cutting system to achieve tube supporting device, chuck and other control; Can meet the carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum alloy material such as circular tube, square tube, U-shaped groove, universal beam, profiled tube and other tube cutting, hole-opening and profile cutting. It is a high intelligent automation, high efficiency and cost-effective dedicated tube cutting equipment.

  • 240mm (9.45"), 280mm (11"), 360mm (14.17") Chuck Sizing Options

  • 9-Meter (29.53') Loading Table

  • 3 Chucks

  • 3kW, 4kW, 6kW & 12kW Power Options

  • 2-Meter (6.56') Standard Unloading Table w/ Optional Sizes of 4-Meter (13.12'), 6-Meter (19.69'), & 9-Meter (29.53')

  • Standard & Bevel Cutting Head Options

  • Semi-Automatic Loading

  • Bundle Loader

  • UL/NRTL Certified

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Global Technology

The DNE D-SOAR offers cutting-edge solutions for precision laser cutting, embodying the pinnacle of international expertise and innovation.

Trusted Partner

As a trusted partner, SteelPoint, an On Point Holdings company and sister company to On Point Solutions, brings a wealth of expertise and resources, solidifying our commitment to providing exceptional solutions and support for your business's growth and success.

Local Support

Supported by OpEx, D-Soar Fiber Laser ensures seamless operations and prompt technical assistance, providing you with the confidence and convenience of world-class service right in your backyard.

Unmatched Value

With its energy-efficient design and durable components, the D-Soar Fiber Laser reduces operating costs significantly, offering a high return on investment through consistent performance and minimal maintenance needs.

Excellent Performance

The D-Soar delivers excellent performance with its unmatched speed, accuracy, and reliability, ensuring high-quality results for every application, every time.