SteelPoint Machine Tool Hits Monumental Milestones in 2023

Since its inception, SteelPoint Machine Tool’s focus has been on value. In 2023, its team hit several milestones that set them up to execute their mission of offering quality+value to fabricators across North America for years to come.

On June 1, global fabricating machine tool provider DNE and SteelPoint Machine Tool, an On Point Holdings company, partnered together to bring a new product line of quality DNE metal fabrication equipment to manufacturers across the United States and Canada. Under the exclusive distribution agreement, SteelPoint Machine Tool was authorized to offer DNE products to fabricators across North America. All DNE products are supported by local OpEx service team members. This agreement was the result of a decade of success between sister company On Point Solutions and powerhouse Bystronic USA.

In addition to local support, DNE has established a team of customer-service focused regional sales managers. Experienced Sales Director Guerric Nagler tapped experienced industry salesmen Nathan Brown to serve fabricators in the Northeast. In August, SteelPoint Machine Tool welcomed Regional Sales Managers Mike Berg and Rich McAtee to the team.

With a full team and value-focused, quality product line-up, the team sold their first DNE D-SOAR and C-Bend to fabricators in the United States. These machines were the first of many DNE equipment installs that OpEx executed throughout the year.  

In November, the team headed to Chicago to showcase their product line and grow their brand at FABTECH. At the show, the team interacted with thousands of fabricators and demonstrated the precise cutting capabilities of the DNE D-SOAR and the reliable metal forming capabilities of the C-Bend. Both machines were present and operating at the show, and attendees were able to get an up-close and personal look at their performance. Fabricators were also able to talk to the knowledgeable OpEx team, who have extensive experience with these machines.

The SteelPoint Machine Tool has built upon the positive industry feedback they received at FABTECH and has taken steps to further support their customer base. They hired a new Product Manager to enhance their customers’ experience, and has entered into the planning stage of establishing a new North American Customer Experience Center in 2024. These steps were part of the original SteelPoint Machine Tool vision, and are just the first steps in SteelPoint’s drive to offer quality+value to fabricators across the United States and Canada.

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