SteelPoint Machine Tool Releases DNE D-Soar Fiber Laser & C Bend Press Brake Technical Specs

After their recent announcement about the release of new affordable DNE fabrication products to the US and Canada, SteelPoint Machine Tool is releasing the technical specifications of the DNE D-Soar Fiber Laser and C Bend Press Brake.

DNE D-Soar Fiber Laser

The DNE D-Soar Fiber Laser is available in varying powers that meet fabricators’ needs, including 3000W, 40000W, 6000W, 8000W, 10000W, 12000W, and 15000W. In addition to powerful, the D-Soar is built for versatility with the ability to cut steel, stainless steel, aluminum, and nonferrous metals. 

The D-Soar is available with a variety of attractive capabilities and options at the very affordable starting price of $299K.   

Tech Specs

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DNE C Bend Press Brake 

The DNE C Bend is offered with a maximum tonnage of 176 US tons. With a durable C-frame, the C Bend is built for long-term bending precision. CNC controlled mechanical crowning technology guarantees constant angle accuracy. 

The C Bend is available with standard features, such as a 2-axis backgauge system, laser bending safety protection system, two front support arms, hydraulic oil cooling system, electric cabinet air conditioning, and ergonomic foot switch, at a starting price of $75K. Additional options are also available for more demanding bending requirements.   

Tech Specs

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DNE Metal Fabrication Machine Availability

Though built overseas, the D-Soar and C Bend is serviced by local OpEx service technicians. Many machines are in-stock in the United States and ready to ship. Customized D-Soar Fiber Lasers and C Bend Press Brakes can be ordered with a 12-16 week lead time. Interested parties can contact SteelPoint Machine Tool for a comprehensive quote.

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