Strategic Partnership Soars: Bystronic USA and On Point Holdings Celebrate a Decade of Success

In a remarkable journey spanning over a decade, Bystronic USA and On Point Holdings have transformed the landscape of the metal fabrication industry. Since their collaboration began in January 2012, Bystronic USA has surged ahead, enhancing its industry presence, and capturing a substantial market share. Simultaneously, On Point Holdings has expanded its horizons, evolving from On Point Solutions to a conglomerate that includes Steel MTN Marketing, OpEx Service, and SteelPoint Machine Tool.

This success story takes an exciting turn as Bystronic and On Point Holdings join forces once again to introduce the esteemed DNE brand to North America. A proud member of the Bystronic family, DNE, headquartered in Shenzhen, China, specializes in manufacturing cutting-edge Fiber Lasers, Laser Automation, and Press Brakes. Taking charge as the North American Master Importer and Full-Service Distributor, Steel Point Machine Tool is all set to cover the expansive territories of the United States and Canada.

DNE's diverse product lineup offers a range of value-driven metal fabrication equipment, opening doors to an even broader customer base. By integrating the DNE brand into the North American market, more customers will get to experience the unparalleled quality and innovation synonymous with Bystronic equipment.

This strategic move not only expands Bystronic's reach but also allows On Point Holdings to leverage its entire spectrum of expertise. From the dynamic marketing strategies of Steel MTN Marketing to the efficient sales operations of Steel Point Machine Tool and the impeccable service provided by OpEx Service, customers are in for an enhanced experience.

Noteworthy is the exclusive collaboration between SteelPoint and DNE, operating independently of the traditional Bystronic and On Point Solutions sales and service model. The DNE North American Experience Center, a future hub of innovation and technology, located in Waukesha, WI, promising a firsthand experience of cutting-edge solutions and local, hometown service support.  

Amidst these advancements, On Point Solutions proudly retains its position as Bystronic’s top dealer and the exclusive distributor of the complete Bystronic product line in key regions, including Wisconsin, UP of Michigan, Kentucky, Tennessee, Alabama, Mississippi, Arkansas, and the panhandle of Florida.

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