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Innovative C-Frame Design

The DNE C-Bend Press Brake, with its innovative C-frame design, assures high stability and an improved processing range. This unique construction promises both long-term use and superior performance, making it an integral part of any efficient metal fabrication operation. Each feature of the press brake is designed with the customer's needs in mind, offering a comprehensive solution for precise, efficient bending at a competitive price.

C-BEND 2 Axis

Product Overview
C-BEND 4 Axis
Product Overview

Enhance Your Bending Operations with DNE C-Bend Press Brake

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Ensuring Seamless Operations with Dedicated Local Support

Excellent Performance

The C-Bend guarantees outstanding results for a wide range of applications, consistently delivering high-quality outcomes. Whether it's intricate bends or heavy-duty tasks, the C-Bend press brake's unmatched performance ensures precision and reliability with every operation.

Unmatched Value

Its innovative design and durable components make the C-Bend press brake a reliable investment, delivering consistent performance while requiring minimal maintenance.

A Global Technology Partner

Powered by international technological knowledge and innovation, the C-Bend Press Brake serves as your dependable partner for precise bending tasks.

Local Support for Seamless Operations

Supported by OpEx, our C-Bend Press Brake ensures you have world-class service right in your backyard for seamless operations and prompt technical assistance.